About Us

History of Company

The company Mehta Integrated Finance Ltd was incorporated as a private limited company in the year 1985 with an object of entering the financial market with lease, hire purchase and other financial and capital market packages. The company since incorporation has seen lot of dynamics in interest rates, lease/hire purchase rates, legal issues, securitization call money market rate, money supply, fiscal anamolies and changes in the financial sector.

The above economic, financial and fiscal dynamics saw many companies in the financial sector changing their business strategy, and the marginal ones were out of the market. It was in this market conditions we stood our stead and concentrated on business with better rates, and sound clients. The company also took advantage of the developing the service sector by offering financial services in the field of finance and other capital market instruments.

The company has made more than 40 Initial Public Offering amount to Rs. 26308.61/-(in lacs) and underwriting worth Rs.5,212.69/-(in lacs)
With the growth and consolidation phase the company has chalked out a growth strategy in order to find a niche in the promising financial sector which is in for an explosive growth in the future.